Friday, April 15, 2011

Ustream & Postcards

For a while now, I've been watching YouTube videos of artists showing their art journals, stamped projects and various papercrafts. It's been great for inspiration while I'm trying to get back into stamping and just beginning art journaling. There are so many talented people, I could watch their videos 24 hours a day! Somehow (and I wish I remembered how) I was directed to Ustream where some of the same artists I've watched on Youtube were arting live at various times. I lurked as a guest a few times, then got brave and signed up for an account and actually signed into one of the Ustream chats and said a meek "hi" ..... everyone was so friendly and welcoming! Long story short, I have so enjoyed this community, it's hard to describe. I am totally out of my league art-wise, but the inspiration and motivation I get is worth me feeling inadequate LOL.

On one of the streams, inkwell (Dede) proposed a Postcard "Share your Art" challenge (better named "Tonnage of Funnage"!) She picks a snippet of ribbon out of her huge stash, a random magazine page and sends those and a plain white postcard to you to make something with. The color of the ribbon and the page are just for a bit of inspiration to get you started. After making your postcard, you send it back to her and on future streams, she will draw a name from that shows' chat list and she will send that person one of these postcards we've made. It's been a blast seeing what everyone has made with their ribbon, magazine page & white postcard! She shows them on her streams & also posts them to the flickr here) - . I decided to just jump in and do this challenge and I got a black ribbon, and a magazine page of a Dagwood & Blondie comic.

This is what I received:

This is the postcard I came up with:

I can't get the colors quite right with my scanner, but it's close enough. I used the ribbon as the curtains (stamped & embossed) and the fringe on the rug. I really should have reinforced the little magazine images as they are quite fragile - I'll know next time! It was really fun to make and later on I'll probably have Dede send another postcard, ribbon & magazine page and challenge myself again.

I also made a card for Dede to thank her for all that she does for her Ustream folks. Her muse is Mona Lisa, I just had to use my crazy Mona Lisa cat. After Dede showed the card on her show, kerri came up with the perfect name..... Meowna Lisa! Too funny!
Anyway, this is the card I sent:

I've needed to get out of my shell & comfort zone and this community of Ustreamers has helped a lot in that. I can tend to get into a "mood" where I withdraw from everything, but I've tried to ignore that feeling and keep pushing myself. I'm very thankful that I found Ustream LOL. It can be very addicting though!

Here are some of the ustream channels that I try my best to watch. You can just click on their name and it will take you to their channel. I'm sure I'll be adding more :)
Make sure to catch one of their shows or watch their recorded shows - you won't regret it!


Thank you Ustreamers!


  1. I love how your postcard turned out! too cute!

  2. Hi Sheri,
    Thank you so much! It was really fun making it - time consuming, but very fun LOL :)

  3. aww that's awesome and thanks so much for the love ;)

  4. You're welcome kerri! It's all true :)

  5. Vicki!! Are you guys drying out yet?

    So glad you started blogging. I love it for the connection I make through posting and find it kinda therapeutic to keep a Diary/Journal. Fun to look back on, ya know?

    OMG the dagwood PC is a-DORable! Sounds like you had fun making it. So happy to check out your list of "Ustreamers" ~ looking forward to checking them out! JA is my 1st & really enjoying it... So glad you found such a great group to inspire you. Please drop by when you have the time - vickiCT xo

  6. and you are worse at updating than I am. lol

    Don't judge yourself against others, they have their experiences and you have yours. Each is special and deserving of praise on their own merit.

    hugs without mud-bugs :-}