Monday, April 4, 2011

Unicorns & Rainbows

Well, not quite....but a little less whine than the previous entry!

I did want to post a few things that I've made lately.

I was fortunate to find a wonderful Stampin Up! demonstrator (Stamping Sharon) who has a get together once a month where you make 6 different cards. She has the cardstock & paper cut for you so you stamp and assemble the cards from her designs. It's really great for when you're in a creative slump to be able to have the idea already there for it's fun meeting new people and getting out of the house! I've gone 3 times now and have really enjoyed it (while spending money lol). I am pretty much a plain and simple stamper and I like Sharon's designs as they are simple, yet always have a special touch to them. Here are some of the cards we've made.

All stamps by Stampin' Up!

Another couple of things I have made lately are an ATC and a card to go along with it. These were sent to Dale right around Mardi Gras..... she was nice enough to ask if I wanted to trade an ATC with her. I hadn't made an ATC in a very long time, so it was fun working with that size again. I guess I really didn't realize how long I had put stamping on the back burner and it has been both challenging and rewarding to get back into it. I have a very noisy inner critic and I'm trying to shut her up these days by just pushing through and enjoying the process of creating something. The more I do it, the easier it will become..right?

The card:
Mask stamp: unknown at this time
Text stamp: Stubby Stampers

The ATC:
paint, collage, stamps


  1. Gorgeous fun cards and I love love that ATC!

  2. Tara - Thank you!
    Cya soon in someone's ustream I'm sure LOL - Vicki