Thursday, May 3, 2012

Salmon, Anyone?

Ok..I'm not talking about the actual fish, but the color salmon- oh .. and NO it isn't my favorite color lol! There's sort of a long story behind all of this, but to try to make a long story short, Dede was having us pick our fav colors to create a page for each of us in one of her journals. Somehow.. before I knew it, I was *tricked* into picking the color salmon with my "real" fav colors of blues/purples. Yes, I was tricked, I tell ya! It really is one of those "you had to be there" type of moments. Rach was also going to use our colors to create pages in her journal & she totally made fun of my choice of colors! It is now kind of a running joke in streams. See... I told you "you had to be there" lol!

All of that is to sort of explain this card I made for Rach. There's a bit of a back story on how/why we sent cards to Rach, but most important is that Julia was nice enough to arrange it & get them all to Rach in one package. I knew I HAD to make something with salmon .. the color or the fish .. either one! I started printing out some canned salmon images and one night in Stickam, Fran suggested doing a Warhol type of card with the different colored cans. Brilliant! This is what I came up with... I used Paint Shop Pro 7 to colorize the cans, printed them out on glossy cardstock and cut them out. I then just used various colored cardstock and layered it all.(Rach just loved the combo of salmon, midnight blue & purple lol!) It was fun to make and I think Rach got a kick out of it!

Earlier in the month, one of my online friends, Kathy (grafxkat) was going to New Orleans with some of her family, so hubby and I drove over and met them at the Riverwalk. We ate some yummy food at Mike Andersons and had a great visit. She was so sweet and her husband & daughters were just a joy to meet. Kathy brought me a box of 54 bottles of Americana craft paint..Yes FIFTY FOUR! She was trying to get rid of some of her stock of a store she once owned and I was happy to help her do that hehe!
Here's a pic - such eye candy! Thank you again, Kathy!

I wanted to bring her a little something and wound up making a really simple mini-album for her. Now there is a long story behind the making of that album! Hopefully most who read my blog know already and I won't have to be tortured again in reliving the horror I endured LOL!..(yeh,thanks Dede hehe!) I've never made a mini before and this was a premade chipboard one that I just covered with papers, etc. I kept it really plain .. first of all because I really had no clue how to decorate it .. and also because I thought Kathy could put her own touches on it.

Oh, I also received some beautiful things that I need to take pictures of and post. I did do a video of a couple of things I received and you can watch it HERE . I'm so thankful to have found this community with such nice and giving gals. Thank you all!

 (As I re-read my post, it seems I'm starting everything with a "there's a long story behind this"!  I guess I could just post the picture and not have to explain?  I don't know - just seems to be my nature to over explain and try to have it make sense to others... um.. not sure I've done a good job there LOL!)

See you next time!